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Before interview

How many rounds of interviews will I attend?

Usually candidates will interview 1 round directly with Leader or Director.
However, depending on the position applying for, there will be additional rounds of corresponding interviews.

How can I apply?

To apply for the positions of Lisod you can:
– Send CV to email: [email protected]
– Create an online profile on the website:
– Contact : +84 63.935.086
– Register to apply at Form:

How can I find out about Lisod job postings?

You can find recruitment information in the following ways:
- Facebook :
- Website:
- Topcv:
- Hotline: +84 63.935.086

Can I re-apply if I have passed the previous interview, but have not been able to accept the job?

You can re-apply on the Website or contact the Recruitment Hotline, send your CV to Email: [email protected]
The Human Resources Department will contact you to discuss before inviting you to an interview if your profile still matches the Company's recruitment criteria.

How will the company send interview information?

Please check your email regularly, especially during the time when you are expecting to hear back from the company

On the day of the interview, I was so busy that I couldn't attend, how can I reschedule and affect the interview results?

If you are unexpectedly busy on the day of the interview and cannot attend, you can contact the phone number of the person who sent you the invitation letter or contact Hotline: 0963.935.086 recruitment for timely support.

During interview

What documents do I need to bring to the interview?

When you come to the interview, you need to bring the basic documents including:
– Personal CV

After interview

How soon will I be contacted for an interview?

After 02 - 04 days of submitting the application, candidates who match the company's recruitment criteria will be contacted for a phone interview and scheduled for an interview.