Building E-Commerce Website About Japanese Food

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  • E-commerce site helps users to "market" quickly :

    This is an E-commerce site where you can buy food ingredients directly from a seller without you having to meet the seller or travel to buy the necessary items. Webservice helps housewives save maximum time, helping customers get to the “market” quickly. Lisod is pleased to support and accompany the founder to develop this e-commerce site.

  • Customer problem:

    To retain customers longer, the website interface plays an essential role. Editing and developing website interface is the top important task performed by Lisod. Besides, developing a number of features for sellers, helping sellers reach their customers more quickly and conveniently is also the top goal given.

  • Share value creation and co-creation:

    This is a large system, so it is difficult to approach at first, it takes a lot of time to learn and develop additional features for the project. Meetings have been held every week since the project was started. Each member of the team works extremely hard with high concentration. The options are given, then everyone discuss together. Any issues are communicated directly or through different tools such as Slack, clickup , spreadsheet. One of the great values we learned from this project is the companionship of development. In Lisod, think together, work together, and succeed together.

Fininised Time: 2 months

Technology: wordpress, php

Infrastructure: Lisod's Team: 1 fullstack (leader team), 1 QA, 1 Brse,...