Building Japanese LIVESTREAM Service

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    Livestream has become the most popular form of social networking in recent years. Not only is it highly accessible and easy to use, diverse content can directly interact with users, increase sales, bring great benefits to businesses in general and streamers in particular. Not only live sales, live forms are increasingly diverse to satisfy the needs of users. Updating global innovation trends, Lisod accompanies partners and customers to build a livestream website with the purpose of helping customers to entertain and study, chat, exchange or sell. This approach satisfies the long-standing desire of streamers and users.

  • Simple live stream? Is it simple to make a live stream web system?:

    For streamers, easily accessing the application, connecting with as many viewers as quickly as possible becomes the top requirement of developers. The task of optimizing serve so that as many users can run in parallel in the same amount of time is set as the most important task. The frontend and backend before embarking on the project had to spend a lot of time and effort researching the direction and solution to be able to automate the CPU. Sharp image, clear sound is also the priority of customers. To meet this demand, the programmers had to apply many different decompression technologies to give users the most effective results. The requirements of customers are carefully studied by Lisod and offer the most optimal solution when implementing.

  • Lisod’s Team - Think together:

    Right from the beginning of the project, Lisod has set out a direction “simple but effective, convenient and optimal. Every stage is done meticulously and with focus. This project requires a lot of complex technology but needs to be done in a short period of time. This is the challenge posed to Lisod members. “Think together” is always remembered by team members, thinking together, making plans together and solving problems together. The strength of teamwork helps Lisod to be more successful in each project big and small.

  • Time:

    Implementation time: 2 months
    Staff: 4 people (1 fullstack 8 years of experience (NodeJs, VueJS), 1 NodeJS ,2 VueJS
    Technology: Vuejs, Node, Php, socket, openvidu

Fininised Time: