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Frontend Dev Reactjs

Address: Hà Nội
Deadline: 31/12/2023
Salary: Up to 1500$

Lisod is a technology company with a mission:

  • Promoting Vietnamese technology, together customers develop the best services that can compete globally
  • Create positive work habits , solve the core problem for the customer.

Lisod value: 

  • Is focused on solutions best by always communicating and listening. We are constantly learning and growing.

4 reasons you should apply for this position: 

  • Reactjs technology is our strength Lisod since its inception with outstanding products such as Matching App, e-commerce site
  • Yesled by the best developers in the company with years of experience.
  • All team members are elite members who can support you anytime, anywhere.
  • Access and learn more variety of technology knowledge, 

Job Description: 

  • Developing web application using React JS
  • Research the tools new technology to apply to product development and optimization
  •  Product development High quality web products on UI/UX, ensuring the product works well on multiple platforms (computers, phones)
  • Talk to the team members and leaders to come up with the best solution for the product

Job Requirements: 

  • 1 year experience or more 
  • Proficient in rendering Developing with Typescript is a plus.
  • At least proficient 1 framework Antd, Tailwind, Bootstrap
  • Experienced with frontend web frameworks like React, Redux or VueJs
  • Experienced, Knowledge of working with DB, backend is an advantage.
  • Prefer candidates Experience with React-native.

Candidate benefits: 

Personal development opportunity:

  • Free access to training sessions weekly on the latest and most realistic technology topics.
  • Participate in regular counseling sessions Regularly with PM or Dev Lead on orientation or work-related issues.
  • Support, advice to Set goals  within 3 to 6 months.
  •  Regularly review capacity after 2 months probation and 6 months /1 time
  • Advance roadmap according to the company’s competency framework. The company will always support you in all aspects to increase your level.

Professional, open, responsible corporate environment:

  • Encourages active communication between members to ensure effective communication.
  • Empower everyone to play promote capacity in accordance with individual needs and company orientation.
  • Encourage everyone to experiment , dare to fail to find the right solution for each problem.
  • Personal responsibility is factor most appreciated in the Lisod culture. Lisod wants to see   on you  proactively finding solutions to complete work with best results.
  • Opportunity to join clubs sports sets, online games 
  • Use to your heart’s content, Tea and coffee at the office.

Clear, on-time compensation: 

  • 13,14 monthly salary (Tet bonus): at least 01 month gross salary
  • Holiday bonus: 30-4/01-5/8 -3/2-9/20-10/ New Year’s Eve ……
  • Fully enjoy company regimes: bonus work , birthday, teambuilding, vacation, gala.
  • Developer language aid</ li>
  • Lunch allowance, travel allowance, phone allowance , costume allowance…at the maximum level
  • Participate in all social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance regimes according to regulations of the Government. Vietnamese Labor Law
  • Spare days: 12 days/year . Leave days will increase according to seniority.
  • Working time: 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday 6 weekly.
  • Internal training session: 8am every Saturday (recommended) encourage participation)
  • Participate in offline training sessions with different topics by experienced Leaders in every Thursday afternoon.