Promoting Creativity In OKRs For Programmers

Quang Anh
July 14, 2022

During the 9/7 workshop, CEO Nguyen Tien Thanh goes on to mention another aspect of OKRs: creativity</ span>

OKRs is a management tool used by many large companies like Google or Amazon appreciates and is becoming very popular in Silicon Valley. However, in the book “Measure What Matters”, John Doerr affirmed that OKRs culture is not a miracle that every business can become successful with, they need one. strong, open, creative work culture can be formed. 

  • How is creativity reflected in the OKRs model?&nbsp ;
  • What is the importance of creativity in OKRs?</span >
  • How to get creative?


These are the questions that CEO Nguyen Tien Thanh answered in Workshop on OKRs in July.


Creativeness in the OKRs model</ h2>

OKRs are not a to-do list but a superior ” press” down to smaller levels. They are not a fixed path laid out by the company and made for everyone to follow. In fact, the difference of this model is that they combine both Top Down (top down) and Bottom up (bottom up) management methods. According to Andy Grove – the creator of OKRs – 50% of OKRs should be recommended by management and 50% by employees.



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The company’s mission is to set common goals, including general that the organization wants to do in the near future. When determining the direction of the business, each member will base on their own strengths and resources to define their own Objectives and Key Results, ensuring they are consistent with the Objectives and Key Results. of the enterprise. This is the stage where creativity needs to be done. Individuals must think for themselves, come up with ideas and solutions to achieve common goals. This is also how OKRs create motivation to help employees have a positive spirit, attitude, responsibility and behavior to complete their work excellently. 



So is creativity in OKRs important?

The answer is yes, not by accident but in the book Measure what matters writes about OKRs, the author has demonstrated the application successfully model OKRs by a series of technology companies, where creativity and logical thinking are strongly promoted. In fact, OKRs were created by Andy Grove to overcome the weaknesses of the MBO (Management By Objectives) model. And one of those weaknesses is creativity. With MBO, the goal is continuously assigned from the top and it is the responsibility of the employees to follow it. This way in the long run will limit the initiative and creativity of employees. The system will not be able to operate effectively without the participation and guidance from the superiors. In contrast, OKRs are the proactive approach to the goals of the entire organizational system. Many companies around the world have been gradually converting from MBOs to OKRs because the effectiveness it brings is indisputable. 



Creative flow in OKRs


During the workshop, before the staff’s question about how To get ideas? How do you know which ideas are the best? CEO Nguyen Tien Thanh laid out the creative process he’s been using for many years and guided how to incorporate it into the OKRs model.


Lighting process create OKRs



Step 1 – Brainstorm: In this step you usually just list them Set out all the goals you need to achieve. Please do not rush to judge whether these goals are good or bad, feasible or not. Feel free to list any goals you want.


Step 2 – Filter: Once you have a list of those goals, please choose 3-4 most urgent goals.

Step 3 – Generate Key results: With the goals already in step 2, now for each goal, list list 2-5 matching key results.


Step 4 – Measurement: What matters in OKRs is specific Turn goals into numbers that can be measured. So in this step, you usually give a measurement plan corresponding to each key results and Objectives.


Step 5 – Implementation and improvement: Once in place If you have enough Objectives, Key results and measurement options, you can now do them. After a trial period, you can make changes or improvements to get better results, towards the overall goals of the organization. 




In short, applying the OKRs pattern is more than just listing Outputs Objectives and Key Results, but it is also the initiative and creativity of each individual in achieving the common goals of the organization. Don’t treat your boss’s goals as a to-do list, think of them as a destination and you’ll be the one looking to get there as quickly as possible. Only then can you take advantage of all your abilities and knowledge to develop and achieve success for yourself and the organization. 



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