3 UX Principles For Programmers By Heart

Quang Anh
July 10, 2022

Programmers often fall into the situation of creating products that they don’t even want to use. The reason is that programmers do not understand the UX user psychology, leading to products that are not optimized for the best user experience. The following article will solve the above problem.


What is UX?


UX stands for User Experience, also known as user experience, is the process of using the product by the user.


All aspects of the product such as branding, design, usability, and functionality are all about the user experience.


The programmer’s job is not to create UX, but to optimize it.


A product with a good UX is one that makes it easy for users to use and has a positive attitude when experiencing the service you provide.


To do this, programmers need to master user psychology.


3 UX user attributes



Users often have a habit of skimming, after having skimmed all the titles, they begin to read the content carefully.


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Therefore, programmers must design so that users can grasp the content as quickly as possible.




This design does not need to be too complicated or too high-tech, the purpose of the design is to make it easy for users to find what they need.


For example, as the product with the best UX in the world today, created by 2 programmers, Google has a very simple design and user experience is not discussed anymore!


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When you buy a phone, do you ever read the user manual before using it?


Surely none of us, rarely pay attention to this until something goes wrong to begin to learn the tutorial of that product.


Users will compromise themselves by accepting the application even if they do not know how to use 100% of its uses.


In response to psychology, the product’s interface must have a clear layout, to guide users to do what the programmer wants them to do.



Shopee site layout 


When looking at this interface, users will know  this is the e-commerce site and where to order.



Because of such a compromise mentality, users will find themselves groping about the features of the product without reading the instructions.


Understanding this mentality, programmers need to minimize user manipulation as much as possible, but this is not easy.


Users will figure out the necessary operations to fulfill their needs, the end of which will be knowing how to use the product.


The products created need to be clear for people to “find out”, as much as possible so that they don’t have to think when using them.


Note, a product with a beautiful, complex UI does not necessarily have a good UX.


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The success of the product is about the optimized user experience, not the technologies that the programmer applies.


The product that has a better UX than the competition is a successful product. Products that do not meet the user’s psychological factors, causing discomfort when using are unsuccessful products.



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