The secret to becoming a professional BrSE

Quang Anh
May 13, 2022

BrSE is an almighty position that requires a wide range of knowledge and skills. However, as long as you really love and always want to develop yourself, you just need to try and learn. In addition to developing ‘hard’ skills, hone in on soft skills to facilitate future development.


BrSE concept


BrSE(Bridge Software Engineer) is a bridge engineer, usually working at Outsourcing companies, is </span >people connect, listen to the sharing of “home team” and customers.


BrSE is not only an interpreter representing customers, protecting the rights and interests of customers.


When the customer makes a request, the bridge engineer communicates all the customer’s requirements to the home team.


This must also be a “stubborn” member of the “home team” when communicating convincingly to negotiate with customers when there is a problem developing. birth.


BrSE Job Description


BrSE’s job has always been to mediate between the developer and the client.


Bridge engineers need to work directly with Japanese customers to clarify requirements. Once the requirements have been clarified, BrSE should fully and accurately communicate to the development team to properly execute the customer’s requirements. 


Besides communication skills, every bridge engineer needs time management and project management skills and responsibilities.


For each project, they need to study and understand the idea of system design, how to work and how to operate the project. according to the requirements of Japanese customers.


BrSE needs  planning for the project and necessarily monitoring project progress management. Bridge engineers need to always keep a close eye on the project progress so that they can fully update the information for the customer as well as closely with the “home team” to be able to complete the project on schedule.


See more: Bridge Engineer (BrSE) </a >


BrSE required skill


To become a bridge engineer, you will need 4 core skill areas: Language Processing Skills, IT Skills, Technical Skills communication skills, soft skills.



Language skills

In an outsourcing environment, bridge engineers working directly with Japanese customers need to understand well the process and working style. chu of the Japanese.


Fluent communication in Japanese is one of the mandatory requirements. BrSE in the project acts as interpreter, translator and project manager.


Therefore, an important person like BrSE needs to be fluent in communication, skillful in behavior and convey accurate information.


For Japanese BrSEs, this job typically requires a minimum of Japanese at JLPT N2 or equivalent, especially background Equal foundation in all 4 skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.


For bridge engineers who use English as the main language of communication with customers, mastering English listening, speaking, reading and writing is also important. necessity.


The bridge engineer’s qualifications are required at this time  from B2 and up.


IT skills

Fluent in 1 programming language, 1 framework and mastering an overview of several languages will help BrSEs to develop comprehensively because they have to do it. Working with many different projects.


It’s never too much to improve your own understanding.


BrSEs need a basic knowledge of scripting, HTML/CSS/JS. Besides, it is necessary to understand the working process with Git and need to know basic UI design operations (drawing wireframes).


Communication skills

Communication skills are a very important skill when you are a bridge engineer. You need to ensure that the communication between the client and the project team is accurate and easy to understand. 


The ingenuity in communication helps you and your team members easily understand, sympathize with each other and can develop together .


On the client side, subtle communication helpsp customers have sympathy for you, increase reliability and credibility. 



Soft skills 

In addition, other soft skills are also very important for a BrSE: presentation skills, technical skills. ability to work independently, in groups,… In any job, soft skills play a very important role.


With BrSE soft skills are needed because bridge engineers have to work with customers often, have to regularly communicate with management to Report, meet with team members regularly to discuss the project.


Presentation skills help BrSEs present problems fluently, logically and coherently. Working independently, proactively planning work, creating a to-do list every morning helps BrSE grasp the entire daily work. Listening, understanding and problem-solving are always skills BrSE  constantly in need of improvement.



Developer who doesn’t know Japanese but has BrSE orientation

Developer who wants to become BrSE in the future, you already have IT skills.


You must add a lot of knowledge and application of the language. Your language skills must be at least N2 equivalent.


Meaning can listen, speak, read, write Japanese, express opinions clearly and clearly. Next, you also need to have relative knowledge of business Japanese and IT Japanese.


Besides, you need to develop more soft skills and communication skills. Holistic personal development brings you closer to the BrSE position you desire.


Developer who knows Japanese but does not have much experience in communication and management  

For Developers who already know Japanese and want to become BrSE in the future, this is the right direction and can develop quickly.


In this case you need to equip yourself with management skills and communication skills.


If you already understand the overview of the software development cycle, you need to know more about project management methods. Equip yourself with a project management mindset.


Example: Agile project management knowledge, a trending development direction today. Or how to use some task management software: Clickup, Asana, Jira,….


Tester converts to BrSE

Tester is a person who tests software, detects errors or any problems that may affect software quality.


Testers need to directly verify and verify the technical requirements of the entire software system.


Software tester who wants to be a bridge engineer  need to hone their skills in project management and organize their time effectively.


Besides, understanding and fluent use of the language, English/Japanese is also a mandatory requirement.</span >


For testers who want to transfer to BrSE, you need to equip IT knowledge equivalent to FE exam (explanation in Japanese).


Or you must have basic knowledge of scripting, HTML/CSS/JS. You’d better master any programming language. Courses can be taken online or offline..   


To become bridge engineers, testers also need to prepare more knowledge about system design and automation or review ability other people’s source code.


Besides, project management, time management and work progress management are always skills that need to be cultivated daily. BrSE.


Details: BrSE career path



In short, BrSE is an omnipotent position that requires a lot of knowledge and skills. However, as long as you really love and always want to develop yourself, you just need to try and learn.


Besides developing ‘hard’ skills, cultivate yourself soft skills so that you can easily develop in the future. future.


Don’t be overwhelmed by BrSE’s huge amount of knowledge but be afraid to falter, just persistently take small steps, accumulate small to large, I believe you can do it.


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