4 Steps of Japanese Project Management for BrSE

Quang Anh
April 1, 2022

Project management in Japanese style is one of the important and necessary skills that a good BrSE should have. Not only need to know about IT programming, software, and applied informatics, BrSE also needs to know project management to provide solutions and communicate customer needs, especially to difficult customers like Japanese. team of programmers.


What is project management? 


According to the Project Management Association of America (PMI), a project is a process that helps us visualize work results. 


Projects are “temporary efforts” to create value contained in a unique product ever had. The project needs a specific, detailed schedule of activities and project time. Each project is unique and different from the usual ongoing activities of the organization.

Japanese project manager for BrSE



For example, at a bakery, every day, many loaves of bread are baked on a standard scale. most evenly. As can be seen, such mass production process does not have the uniqueness, so it cannot be considered a project.


But it will be a project when this workshop creates and sells a type of bread that is not available anywhere else.</span >


Or they sell a unique product but a certain amount for a limited time, while continuing produce the other traditional bread. 

<3 specified time. 


BrSE’s role in Japanese project management


Also according to this association, “Project management is the use of knowledge, skills, tools and specific technique to provide something of value to people.


Developing software for business process improvement, building a building, disaster relief efforts , expanding sales into a new geographic market, etc. are all examples of projects.”


Read more What is project management – PMI</ span>

Japanese project manager for BrSE



The specific job of a bridge engineer is to connect the work team with the customer department and deliver request to the company’s development team.


BrSE is also a technical consultant for customers, offering solutions to solve problems posed by customers. . 


Therefore, this job position must be able to take on all the positions of programmers and interpreters (most of the clients that have to trade in Vietnam are Japan), consultants and most importantly BrSE (project manager).    


Steps to set up a Japanese project


When implementing IT or software projects, BrSEs need to build a consistent implementation process to have can easily manage, communicate with technology customers and communicate information to programmers more effectively. 


The following 4-step process will be a guide for developers to understand what to do in project management .


At the same time, BrSE can systematize the techniques that need to be applied to the project to produce unique products , in accordance with customer needs.


Japanese project management plan

Preparing a project, planning is essential.


BrSE needs to identify the needs that need to be solved in order to come up with a suitable plan and steps to implement the goals that title.


In defining goals, bridge engineers need to understand the following points:


  • Objectives of the project: who and what the project is for.
  • Goal setting: what does a successful project look like? Criteria for objective assessment of project effectiveness.
  • Identifies the product overview.

Japanese project manager for BrSE



Make the project

At this stage, the project manager must clarify how the customer requires the product.</span >


This is really important because the technology products, software, applications that the team makes, the main purpose is still is to meet the needs of the customer.


Once the goal is determined, the manager needs to take steps to make the goal a reality. < /span>


For example, Project X has the goal of being the top product in the local market. To that end, BrSE communicates with clients about their needs.


Then the bridge engineer assigns who will be in charge of the code, who will test when the product is released, Communicate with the developer team about customer needs,…


All these steps lead to the intended goal.


This is also a form of OKRs goal management – an effective human resource management method that many Japanese companies use.


Ref: 5-step process of building effective OKRs for Senior Developers



No matter how detailed and meticulous a manager plans, things don’t always work out according to plan. If it’s like this, isn’t planning useless?


With detailed planning, we can compare what’s going on with what we expect so that you can grasp how fast or slow the work is progressing and provide appropriate solutions when problems arise.


All of the above is called Observation.

Japanese project manager for BrSE




When working on a project, it’s important to evaluate to reflect on successes and failures, and give feedback. learn experience for next projects. 


The bridge engineer also needs to be flexible in management to be able to keep the project on track and avoid delays priority things to do.


BrSE can change the current state, put an end to the unfinished work set out to focus for more necessary things, which need to be completed more quickly.


Suppose, a customer changes the product launch time. Managers need to know how to prioritize tasks, can tell employees to stop what they are doing to focus on solving urgent customers’ work.


The most important thing in observing and evaluating is not delaying what needs to be done, being flexible in work project management. From there, the quality of project management will be most clearly reflected in the launched product. 




Currently, bridge engineer is becoming an attractive job that many people pursue. This job requires a lot of skills and one of them is project management skills. In the Vietnamese market, the most popular partners that BrSE works with are customers from Japan. Lisod Vietnam is proud to be a software company associated with Japan, opening up attractive working opportunities for programmers.  


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