Most BrSEs make these 6 mistakes when managing projects

Quang Anh
April 21, 2022

The mistake in project management of BrSE (PM – depending on the size of each company) is One of the biggest causes of project failure. These mistakes cost companies great resources and budgets.


Bridge engineers or programmers all need to hone their project management skills. They all ask for agility in the face of changes that can happen at any time.


Here are 6 mistakes that Brse, senior developers or project managers make common cases.


Project manager did not specify project goals and success criteria < /h2>

Before starting a software development project, a project implementation plan should be prepared. presented to all programmers participating in the project.


Project managers need to clearly define their goals.


Who and what is this project for? What is considered a successful project?


Developers need to clarify what they’re building.


Without clearly defined goals and success criteria, Brse won’t be able to judge whether there is goal can be achieved.


Depending on how the target is set, the project scope will be changed. Typically, project scope tends to be self-expanding with limited time and cost.


So by planning, bridge engineers can clearly define each What time period can the goal be achieved?


As such, developers can limit the scope of the project. From there, BrSE minimizes redundant time when implementing the project.


Ineffective communication between BrSE in software project management for Japanese customers  &nbsp ;       


In Offshore projects, BrSE is the bridge between home team members and potential customers power.


Bridge engineer plays an important role in every meeting between Japanese client and developer Vietnamese presenter.


Any errors in the communication process of BrSE will affect the success of BrSE of project.


Sometimes, ineffective communication slows down the workflow. Any misinterpretation and transmission of information can completely destroy the project. 


project manager brse


Cultural and time differences in offshore projects require project managers to achieve be effective in every conversation with customers.


All information needs to be verified before implementation.


Not prepared for the risks of Japanese project management 


No project is without risk, however, risk may not be bad influence through preparation.  


Objective and subjective factors from the surrounding environment can both create risks in the process of building and developing software.


Risk control helps BrSE eliminate adverse effects on the project.


However, not all project managers prepare governance plans. project when risks occur.


When problems come up, they’ll fiddle around with every solution to solve the problem.


This is a common mistake made by BrSE/project managers in the process. Japanese style admin.


Learn more: Japanese-style project risk management for BrSE


Do not use project management tools


Project management tool that effectively supports BrSE to manage work progress.


The tool provides the following features: Time estimation, human resource allocation, administration quality, cost management…


In software development businesses, project management tools support optimally optimize working time for programmers.


Use the management tool as a great helper for developers to develop and complete successfully improve the project.


Project managers/software engineers in charge of goal planning, monitoring products in stages, and track the performance of all members.


Therefore, project managers should not ignore all the supporting tools throughout the process. project manager.


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Ineffective teamwork 


Software development projects in outsourcing companies require strong teamwork skills efficiency and high productivity.


Brse is the one connecting everyone in these projects. Bridge engineers need to keep in mind 8 obstacles after teamwork.



Frequently thinking negatively about customers, not understanding customers is the first cause as well. is the biggest obstacle in teamwork.



It is necessary to define a clear goal before starting any work for the work to work proceed smoothly.


One of BrSE’s major mistakes when working with programmers is not recognizing out what the other side is doing.


Disclaimer of what the other party thinks is valuable represents a project manager arrogant, do not know how to listen.


Stubbornness in working style or always expecting too much from the other side makes the Team members always feel pressured.


Failing to create motivation at work when working in groups will make work efficiency decrease serious kick.


Let changes get out of control (manage redundancy with timeframes)</ span>


Once you have a project plan, workflow, and goals in place . We begin to estimate the amount of time to complete the work and establish a schedule.


One of the paradoxes that often happens: We are always busy They are crazy about time and usually only get things done at the closest times.


This is one of the manifestations of </span >student syndrome and Parkinson’s law.


Student syndrome can be understood as a lot of time but we always let Time goes by meaninglessly without always doing the work that needs to be done.


This is one of the mistakes when BrSE manages the project. 


Parkinson’s law is a law that the workload will increase more as the amount of time completes less successful.


For example, you can get the job done in 8 hours. However, you report to your boss that you need to complete that amount of work in 10 hours. In fact, if you work hard enough, you can get the job done in 6 hours.


Student syndrome and Parkinson’s law are two bad diseases of every programmer. Poor time management slows down the progress of work.


Always remember that you always lose your free time.


More: Peffective teamwork method</ a>




Fix project management mistakes to help bridge engineers run projects smooth and develop your own capacity. For the project to be successful, the BrSE or project manager needs to focus on and correct these common mistakes.


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