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CEO Message

I’m a Vietnamese whose working style is strongly influenced by Japan.
My first computer program was written when I was 12. And I have always loved software since then.
Graduated from a Japan university, I have always been working with IT companies not only in Japan, but also in Korea, England, Germany, US. I have learned how to apply Japanese’s quality process over multiple types of working culture.

There are many Japanese companies that I admire much. However, in IT, there are 2 Japanese companies that have influenced me the most. One is the game company that I worked after graduated. The other one is SONY.

The first one was a small game company when I first joined. In 2 years, the revenue of the company sky-rocketed, grow 80 times, employee number grow 5 times. I was so amazed that I continued working for that company for quite a few years. It was fantastic experience that inspired me to startup and make my own company.

The second one, SONY, inspires me in the way that they inspired Japanese to “make Japan known for quality”. After 2nd world war, Japan was known for making low quality product. And SONY, with ambitious mission, have made Japan a strong nation of high quality product. In many ways, Vietnam is similar to Japan in the past. That’s why we take the mission of “make Vietnam know for quality” in Lisod.

Lisod’s spirit is not only delivering low-cost outsourcing service. We delivers high quality development in global standard, in the way that make customers success with their products.


Lisod's Services

Our Strength


Reasonable price

We provide good service at an affordable price. Half the price of Japanese vendors. Reduce cost by LaboratoryDevelopment Assign PM / BrSE / QA / communicator to all projects.


Good technical skills and quality control

Utlize 10 years of exprerience about BrSE to provide high quality services Programer Team are skillful, have positive atttitude at work. A two-step test is thoroughly conducted. QA/ QC who have many experiences and Japanese N1 proficency carry out.


Manage Project Schedule Effectively

Use Hou-ren-sou ( Japanese business rule in Japan to conduct smooth business communication) By holding regular meetings, we will detect and resolve recognition gaps at an early stage.


Offshore Development FAQ

Lisodはこれまでにどの国と協力したことがありますか? 品質を重視する日本と協力した経験はありますか?


Can you succeed in offshore development? Offshore development risks?

Offshore Development Risk 1: Information Leakage


Offshore Development Risk 2: Quality

"The skill of the development company was lower than I expected" "The response of the development company was slow" "The level was lower than I expected when I worked. Dissatisfaction with such a development company is also a common failure example of offshore development IT is one. How much skill the outsourced development company has and what kind of projects it will handle, this is also the part that can be seen only after actually meeting and working.



Advantages of offshore development 1: Abundant and excellent engineer resources

    The number continues to increase year by year, and it is said that 50,000 students complete specialized IT curriculum every year, and the total number of domestic IT engineers will reach about 400,000 in 2020.


Especially for large-scale projects, the environment is relatively easy to accept in Vietnam due to the abundant resources, while the human resources are limited in Japan.

Advantages of offshore development 2: Excellent cost and performance

  具体的な単価についてはコスト最小限という部分がベトナムオフショア開発メリットとして最も大きなものになります。平均人月単価は日本の人月単価の約 3 分の 1 くら いのコストで、26.13万円となっています。ベトナムのIT従事者は賃金水準に特徴があり、中国やタイの同業種に比べてもだいたい1/2の水準となっています。また単価と同様に、オフショア開発企業によって品質にも大きな差が見られるようになってきていますが、ベトナムの全体的な水準として開発力は年々上昇傾向にあります。ゆえに、単価をある程度抑えつつスキルの高いエンジニアを活用した開発環境が優れたコストパフォーマンスを期待することが可能です。

Advantages of offshore development 3: Marketability in Vietnam


Vietnam, which has sufficient growth potential, has become one of the leading markets for Japanese companies, as expansion in the global market in addition to the Japanese market has become one of the points for Japanese companies to expand their services in the future. Will come?

オフショア開発のメリット4: 日本との時差によるタイムロスが最小限


How much is the unit price for Vietnam offshore development? Comparison with other countries?

Offshore development / Unit price in Japan
It is generally said that the unit price of Japanese engineers has increased in the last few years. The unit price of the web system using PHP etc. is 600,000 yen to 800,000 yen, and it seems that it often exceeds 1 million yen when a little complicated function development is required.

In addition, there are not many people for smartphone app engineers despite the high demand, so the unit price of smartphone apps will be 1 million yen or more, and AI engineers and blockchain engineers will be even higher. Most senior engineers in Japan cost more than 1 million yen, often 1.5 million or 2 million yen.

Offshore development / Unit price in other countries
Table 1: Unit price for offshore development in one hour

According to CIO Magazine


  この表から、インドと比較して、ベトナムオフショア開発の単価は3分の1から7分の1に安価だということが明らかになる。インドと中国の市場が成熟期に入ると、処理のコストが増加する傾向があります。つまり、 ベトナムのオフショア開発は、最も費用対効果の高い方法で開発しようとしている企業にとって大きなメリットがあります。

In addition, the average cost of Vietnam is about $ 7,200-12,400 per year, 10-50% cheaper than neighboring countries such as Indonesia and Singapore (17,581-24,658 and 38,000-84,500 respectively) and 5% compared to the Philippines (8,300-12,426). It's getting low.

   If you are a small business, India is not an ideal place. In addition, trying to hire a small number of agents (out of thousands of agents in India) can incur unexpected costs in the hiring process.

Lisod FAQ Co., Ltd. FAQ

Offshore development often encounter the problem of the difference in customs and corporate culture, is your company's culture the problem?

I have a lot of cooperation with the Japanese company. So, when you proceed with offshore development, you can understand the culture and life culture. You can roughly grasp communication from communication, such as awareness of work, time management, and differences in thinking. You can also deepen mutual understanding and indicate what you need, such as specifications, requirements, and delivery dates. Also, 30% of Lisod's Bre, BA, PM teams have studied abroad or worked in Japan, so they can get a good idea of ​​culture or mana.
There is no problem, don't worry.

What is the technical level of your engineers? Can you ensure progress and high quality?

弊社はエンジニアのおよそ80%がハノイ工科大学と国家大学の卒業生です。そのため、個々のエンジニアはソフトウエアの開発について高い技術力を持っております。また、常日頃から最新の技術情報について研鑽を積んでおります。そのため、常に最新技術をご提供することが可能です。さらに日本語を話す・理解できるエンジニアも少なくないです。現在、オフショア開発サービスをやりたいという理由で、Lisodのチームには専門的な技術力と高い日本語レベルで対応できるプログラマーがいます。 彼らにとって、プロジェクトはチームがアクティブであり続け、発展するための原動力です。

Will you work overtime or work on holidays?

We will make adjustments depending on the delivery date and request. It is possible if necessary. Please contact us for details.

What about Lisod's services?

Regarding web system development, we will propose the optimum design and development according to the needs of business management systems and EC sites. For application development, we will propose the optimum design and development according to the needs of Android, iOS, and game development.

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