Lisod's mission

Make Vietnam KNOWN FOR QUALITY !!!

I’m a Vietnamese whose working style is strongly influenced by Japan. 

My first computer program was written when I was 12. And I have always loved software since then.
Graduated from a Japan university, I have always been working with IT companies not only in Japan, but also in Korea, England, Germany, US. I have learned how to apply Japanese’s quality process over multiple types of working culture.

There are many Japanese companies that I admire much. However, in IT, there are 2 Japanese companies that have influenced me the most. One is the game company that I worked after graduated. The other one is SONY. 

The first one was a small game company when I first joined. In  2 years, the revenue of the company sky-rocketed, grow 80 times, employee number grow 5 times. I was so amazed that I continued working for that company for quite a few years. It was fantastic experience that inspired me to startup and make my own company.

The second one, SONY, inspires me in the way that they inspired Japanese to “make Japan known for quality”. After 2nd world war, Japan was known for making low quality product. And SONY, with ambitious mission, have made Japan a strong nation of high quality product. In many ways, Vietnam is similar to Japan in the past. That’s why we take the mission of “make Vietnam know for quality” in Lisod. 

Lisod’s spirit is not only delivering low-cost outsourcing service. We delivers high quality development in global standard, in the way that make customers success with their products.

Are you worrying on product quality when outsourcing?

Let's work on that quality.

Communication quality

Communication affects 80% of software quality. 
1. Slow, ineffective, and late communication
2. Over schedule, over budget, over scope.

※※ We standardize our process to : 
– Identify problems in schedule, scope, budget early
– Identify defects early.

Bad business logic

Most of the time, clients recognize this after the release of the software :
1. Bad business logic -> Bad profitability
2. Frustrating dashboard, bad reports, time consuming business operations.
※※ We standardize our process to : 
– Take business complexity early on.
– Take administration design early on.

Bad system design,
bad coding

1. Slow and buggy updates -> More stress and less flexibility for business.

※※ We standardize our process to : 
– Take system design complexity early.
– Keep high level coding standard with high level coding review process and automation.

Philosophy of Lisod

Solid product, Solid quality, Solid leadership.

1. Solid people : 

We believe hardworking people with knowledge and good purpose will change the world.

2. Solid quality : 

Developing software is just a commodity. Providing high quality software is what make us valuable. Therefore, it is our mission to deliver high quality software with know-how based on years of experience in software quality control in Japan

3. Solid leadership :

Leader is the one who explore new things, and make new roads. The leadership in our company is what push us forward in this fast changing world.

Our Services

Business design

We are not doing software developments. We are helping customers to design their business.

Website development

Discuss to us about what you want to build and how you want it to be built. Our team will give you the most effective way to build your website.

Native app

Discuss to us about what you want to build and how you want it to be built. Our team will give you the most effective way to build your native app.

Hybrid app

Recently, hybrid app is booming with the high demand of build app quicker. If you want to build app in a fast manner, hybrid app is definitely the way.

Dedicated team

You can have your dedicated development team of any scale you want.

Quality control

We have tremendous experience working in strict - high demand quality control of Japan. We are not only copy quality control process, but also tuning and apply to varies situations in software development nowadays.

Our Projects

Technical stack

Our Team


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