Lisod's vision is to become a company specializing in providing technology solutions, competing fairly with large enterprises in the world. We aim to provide our customers with the best solutions and the highest value for their business.



Collaborate with customers to develop best-in-class, competitive products and services on a global scale.
Create positive working habits, solve core problems for customers.



Lisod believes that Vietnamese people, with their positive work habits and focus on problem solving, will be able to create competitive products on a global scale.
Taking the development of human resources, investing in people as the foundation for the sustainable development of the organization. Lisod always acts and commits to bring long-term and sustainable benefits to employees and contribute to the development of the community.


BrSE is an almighty position that requires a wide range of knowledge and skills. However, as long as you really love and always want to develop yourself, you just need to try and learn. Besides developing 'hard' skills, cultivate yourself more soft skills to facilitate future development.

Mistakes in project management of BrSE (PM - depending on the size of each company) is one of the biggest causes of project failure. These mistakes cost companies a lot of resources and budgets. Bridge engineers or programmers all need to hone their project management skills. They all ask for agility in the face of changes that can happen at any time. Here are 6 mistakes that Brse, senior developers or project managers often make.

In a project, along with time management and work progress, risk control is one of the most important things. By anticipating what will happen and taking measures, BrSEs can calmly handle problems and come up with effective solutions. Risk management in the Japanese style will provide appropriate management methods that bridge engineers can apply in project management.

Project management is one of the important and necessary skills that a good BrSE needs. Not only need to know about IT programming, software, application informatics, BrSE needs to know project management to provide solutions and communicate customer needs to the team of programmers.

Meeting management skills of the Japanese will help seasoned structural engineers to solve this problem. The following article will provide useful knowledge in technology project management with international partners.

OKRs are a management tool that is appreciated by many big companies like Google or Amazon and is becoming very popular in Silicon Valley. However, in the book "Measure What Matters", John Doerr asserted that OKRs culture is not a miracle that every business can become successful with, they need a strong work culture. , open, creative to be able to form.

Programmers often fall into the situation of creating products that they don't even want to use. The reason is that programmers do not understand user psychology, leading to products that are not optimized for the best user experience. The following article will solve the above problem.

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