Make Vietnam a great IT Nation.

Lisod's mission

Make Vietnam A GREAT IT NATION !!!

I am lucky enough to be born in such a wonderful country and wonderful time.
My first computer program was written when I was 12. Since then, I have always been learning new technologies. When I get into college, I get lucky enough to get a scholarship, and to be able to go to Japan for studying.

My first job was a programmer in a start-up from Japan. When I first joined the company, it was very small. In  2 years, the revenue of the company sky-rocketed, grow 80 times, employee number grow 5 times. I was so amazed that I continued working for that company for quite a few years. It was fantastic experience working with so many amazing people. When the company goes global, and reaches 4 other countries, I have decided to make my own new way.

I’ve always been dreaming of building an amazing company like the one I worked in Tokyo. But it would be  in Vietnam, not Tokyo. I want to make Vietnam a step closer becoming a great IT nation.

However, the gap between Vietnamese IT standard and global IT standard is still very large. It’s not only about the size of the industry, but more important than that, it’s the gap on human resource development. And I want to close the gap.

Lisod is a company where people come to work with global customers, build softwares with global standard, make services with global mindset, and together make Vietnam a great IT nation.

Philosophy of Lisod

Customer want a solid product, built by a solid sense of quality by solid people in a company with solid leadership.

1. Solid people : 

We believe hardworking people with knowledge and good purpose will change the world.

2. Solid quality : 

Developing software is just a commodity. Providing high quality software is what make us valuable. Therefore, it is our mission to deliver high quality software with know-how based on years of experience in software quality control in Japan

3. Solid leadership :

Leader is the one who explore new things, and make new roads. The leadership in our company is what push us forward in this fast changing world.

Our Services

UI/UX Design

Our designers have diversified experiences working on projects from Japan, Korea, America.

Website development

Discuss to us about what you want to build and how you want it to be built. Our team will give you the most effective way to build your website.

Native app

Discuss to us about what you want to build and how you want it to be built. Our team will give you the most effective way to build your native app.

Hybrid app

Recently, hybrid app is booming with the high demand of build app quicker. If you want to build app in a fast manner, hybrid app is definitely the way.

Dedicated team

You can have your dedicated development team of any scale you want.

Quality control

We have tremendous experience working in strict - high demand quality control of Japan. We are not only copy quality control process, but also tuning and apply to varies situations in software development nowadays.

Our Project


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